Cultivating comprehensively skilled artist-musician-citizens: supporting the integration of creative, innovative, and interdisciplinary teaching practices in 21st-century music pedagogy

  • Sarah Chan D.M.A., Coordinator of Keyboard Studies Associate Professor of Music, California State University, Turlock, Stanislaus County, California,United States,



Since 2014, studies concerning the dynamics of music education pedagogy—in both the West and the East—have revealed increasingly positive regard from top music educators, creative performers, and music researchers advocating for the integration of increased creative inventiveness, innovative practice, and interdisciplinary engagement in music education and training. In North America, educational initiatives supporting the integration of music improvisation and creative composition-performance practices as teaching methodology have led to a significant increase of curricular and co-curricular program and project offerings incorporating creative instruction to facilitate improved dynamic fluidity in teaching-learning processes that support a comprehensive learning experience. New expressions of interdisciplinary, intercultural, and international collaborations among North American, European, and Asian institutions have also emerged, along with a rising professional regard for the crucial role which improvisation and arts creativity holds in professional leadership training. Continued research and investment of resources will undergird sustained development of training opportunities for music educators honing innovative teaching practices in the XXI century.

Keywords: music, music improvisation, music education, composition, performance, innovative, creative, pedagogy, methodologies, teaching, leadership training, interdisciplinary, intercultural, international